Man’s Home Taken Over By Pokémon Go Players After Mistakenly Set Up As ‘Gym’

Pokemon Gym

The world is going insane.

The weird world of Pokémon Go is upon us and one thing is for sure – our lives are never going to be the same again.

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In the latest bizarre story to merge involving the game, it turns out that a guy in Boston called Boon Sheridan has had his house accidentally turned into a Poké Stop. Boon and his wife live in an old church and it’s thought that it’s because of this unique quality of his residence that it was given this status in the Pokémon world.

Since the launch of the game, Sheridan has had to deal with people showing up at all hours of the day outside his house playing the game. He seems to be making the best out of a bad situation and is documenting it on his Twitter account in a fairly cheerful manner though:

Sounds kinda fun to be meeting all those new people right? And these are only the best tweets on his timeline, there’s a hell of a lot more and he raises a lot of interesting questions about property values, privacy and safety in this post Pokémon Go world. Yes, I think that’s going to be a phrase we’re using a lot in the coming months.

Sheridan’s tried to report it to Nintendo, but right now you can only report a Poké Stop if it actually poses physical danger to players. Unfortunately, Sheridan getting angry doesn’t qualify it in this category yet but you would expect that to change in the coming days as more ridiculous stories begin to emerge about the game.

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