Manny Pacquiao Says Gay People Are Worse Than Animals

Manny Pacquiao has shown his true colours.

Just when you thought Manny Pacquiao was one of the soundest guys around, he goes and drops an absolute clanger when speaking to TV5 as he campaigns for a senate seat in his native Philippines.

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Here’s what the eight-time world boxing champ turned politician said:

It’s common sense.

Do you see animals mating with the same sex? Animals are better because they can distinguish male from female.

If men mate with men and women mate with women, they are worse than animals.


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Pacquiao’s comments were criticised by the Philippines’ most well-known gay comedian Vince Ganda, who said:

Some people think they can judge people like God just because they’ve attended a prayer meeting and read the bible.

The Senate needs experts on politics and law, not blind prophets.

Kakay Pamaran, a pastor at one of Manila’s gay churches (is that a thing?), also condemned Pacquiao:

Outside the boxing ring, I don’t think Manny Pacquiao should be taken seriously.

Naturally, when he realised this was terrible PR for him, Pacquiao took to Twitter to apologise:

Gay marriage is illegal in the Phillipines, though there are gay marriages at some small churches they aren’t officially recognised by the church or state.

I reckon Manny thought here was no way this interview would reach anyone outside the Philippines. Probably thought he could get away with some casual gay-bashing in the confines of a strictly Catholic country. I mean anyone who says “gay people are worse than animals” probably doesn’t have much of an idea about how the Internet and social media works anyway.

Besides, homosexual activity has 100% been observed in animals so his argument kinda falls flat on its face there. Then again we all know animals are better than humans so it didn’t really make sense in the first place. Humans bitch and moan and judge and exploit each other all the time (like Manny), but animals don’t do that. Sure they might kill and eat each other from time to time but that’s only because they’re hungry. Otherwise animals are just happy to kick back and let everyone do their thing.

Suppose it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise from a man who actually believes he’s got a decent set of pipes on him.


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