Manchester Uni Professor Returns To Adult Movie Industry With Film About His Tabloid Exposé

The smutty professor.

Last year we reported on a 61-year-old university professor who was exposed for leading a double life as a porn star.

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It was discovered that Nicholas Goddard, a top chemical engineer professor at the University of Manchester, had been moonlighting as an OAP porn star since getting divorced. He quit his job as a lecturer last year following the discovery of his videos by one of his students.

Nick’s top titles include ‘Gorgeous Brunette Teenager Fucks With Old Man’ and ‘Geeky Teen Carolina Fucks Old Dude Nick’.


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Although Nick had promised to quit his double life, it looks like he’s back on the job in a new X-rated movie based on The Sun’s exposé of him. Way to turn the situation on its head.

The video shows Nick being recognised by two young women who read the story about his double life online. The two women accost him at the park before leading him off for a threesome. Although Nick said last year “I’ve given it all up” regarding his porn career, this proves that he’s far from done with the adult movie industry. In the new film he exclaims:

Why would I stop now? I enjoy it — it’s fun.


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Well you can’t argue with that.

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