Man Wins $5.5 Million After Suing Restaurant That Served Him Too Much Booze


A Texas man who got so drunk at a restaurant that he went outside to fight another drunk person and ended up tripping and falling over in the carpark, has sued the restaurant for serving him too much alcohol and been awarded $5.5 MILLION dollars. WTF?

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As per the Houston Chronicle, Daniel Rawls filed a lawsuit against La Fogata Mexican Grill, claiming the restaurant was negligent when they overserved him alcohol, which resulted in him later being injured in the altercation with another customer.

After drinking at La Fogata, Rawls got into an argument with a guy named Robert Henrickson, who was also drunk. Rawls alleges he sustained a head injury during the altercation with Henrickson in the carpark.

The lawsuit states La Fogata, its owner Lourdes Galindo and an unknown bartender are responsible for the injury because they allowed the two men to drink excessively and leave the restaurant together. The restaurant was also negligent by not calling an ambulance after Rawls was injured.

It turns out the bartender, identified in the suit as John and/or Jane Doe, was not adequately trained by Galindo to detect when patrons had been overserved, according to the suit. Rawls also alleges that Galindo failed to ensure the carpark didn’t include obstacles “that would pose a tripping or falling hazard to intoxicated patrons.”

Rawls sustained a “serious and debilitating” head injury after he was assaulted by Henrickson and fell over “an uneven parking lot,” according to the suit. It should be noted that Rawls has a history of excessive drinking, with jail records showing he’s arrested twice before on charges of public intoxication.

Unbelievable. Basically what this story tells me is that I can go out this weekend, get drunk off my face, challenge a fellow drunk to a fight in the carpark, get my arse kicked, trip over an “uneven parking lot” (?) and cut my head, then get awarded $5.5 million for my troubles? Where do I sign up?

Yeah OK, a more experienced or better-trained bartender may have stopped serving Rawls when they realised he’d had too much to drink, but to rinse his employer of $5.5 MILLION? Over two drunk morons picking a fight with each other? This guy is now $5.5m better off and doesn’t even have to take accountability for his actions. He’s an adult who knows he can’t handle his booze and is being treated like he bears no responsibility for the situation whatsoever. Apparently its all the restaurant’s fault! Unreal!

The story got even better just a few days ago:

On Tuesday, Rawls was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated, Andrews County jail records show.

The guy is still out there getting drunk and causing mischief! Well, why wouldn’t he if he knows he can get into a drunken accident and end up a few million quid richer from it. Anyone know his lawyer’s number?

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