Man Tries To Shop In His Underpants At Tescos To Protest New Firebreak Lockdown Rules In Wales

Good point, well made.

A lot of people have been unhappy with the recent Welsh ‘Firebreak Lockdown’ (gotta love all this stupid terminology that’s getting bandied around for all these new rules) that’s been imposed for the next two weeks with one big source of contention being that so called ‘non essential items’ aren’t allowed to be sold at supermarkets anymore.

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I’m not really sure why this is going to help anything, but there’s also been a huge uproar about what the definition of an ‘essential item’ is, with clothes, shoes, toys and bedding all being swept under the blanket of non-essential. Again, not really sure how that’s being determined but I’m not in charge.

One man was so outraged by this though that he attempted to go and do his weekly shop at Tesco in Newport without any clothes on – you know, because they’re not essential. You can watch Christopher Noden’s attempt at this below and then there’s also an interview with him on Good Morning Britain this morning where he explains what’s he trying to illustrate:

It felt like I was going to prove my point.

I wanted to prove the point, my wife showed me this meme on Facebook: ‘Only in Wales can you go shopping without your clothes on’.

So I said ‘Come on then, let’s prove the point in Wales you can go shopping without your clothes on and there’s nothing you can do about it’.

As soon as he [the staff member] said clothes were essential the point was proven and I was happy, like, we didn’t go out attacking the Welsh Government with it, but it is obviously proving a big point to them.

To me personally, everyone can find essential items in something. If something is essential to someone at some point in time, something is essential to everyone.

I understand they have to control crowds in shops but if someone really needs something or an item, what is it to stop them.

They are actually blocking these aisles off with sweets, chocolate, bottles of vodka, whisky, lager, they are blocking it off with all non-essential items, essentially.

I mean you gotta hand it to the guy because this is literally the epitome of ‘good point, well made’. You can’t argue with anything he’s saying there can you? That’s because it’s all correct.

Apparently Noden’s actions have caused such a furore that there’s going to be some inquest into how the rules will be implemented today, but that they won’t be formally changed. Not really sure what that means but I imagine it’ll have some stupid buzzword name and be even more idiotic than what we’re currently experiencing. There’s a pattern.

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