Celebrities Get Naked In Cringe Video Reminding People To Vote

The celebs are at it again.

Following the universally-panned celebrity ‘Imagine’ cover and the ‘inspirational’ video they made in support of Black Lives Matter, American celebrities are back at it again in an attempt to out-cringe themselves with this latest PSA reminding people to vote.

This time – they’re all naked! Whoa!

Stunning and brave. Aren’t you glad these naked celebrities are around to remind you to do something you should be invested in doing anyway? I mean if you can’t figure out how to legally vote and read instructions then I’m not sure you should be voting anyway, but there you go.

So basically – you just need to follow the instructions. Thanks to these brave, naked celebrities, you now know this. What would you do without them?

Let’s round this off with some of the reaction on Twitter:

Speaking of the infamous ‘Imagine’ video, you can re-live the cringe HERE.


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