Man Flies From London To Newcastle Via Spain As It Was Cheaper Than The Train



If there’s one thing that people in this country can probably agree on, it’s that train prices are absolutely ridiculous and this is exemplified by this next story, where a student found it cheaper to travel to London from Newcastle via Spain rather than paying the exorbitant train fare.

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21-year-old Joe Furness found that a train to London was £78.50 even when he was using his young person’s railcard (which typically gives you a third off rail fares) and so decided to look into his other options for travelling to the Big Smoke:

I once flew from Newcastle to Manchester via Switzerland, because it was like £20 cheaper… So I thought I’d have a look to see what the flights from Newcastle, to anywhere in the world, and back to London Gatwick.

I found that travelling to Menorca (one of Spain’s Balearic islands) and then onto London would only cost me £26. It seemed like a no brainer.

Well, I would argue that a 12 hour layover and all the time and money spent getting to the airport and waiting around might equate to that extra £50 for the convenience of just walking onto a train with no issues and getting to your final destination in about four hours, but Joe didn’t seem too bothered about that and seemed to enjoy his time in Menorca:

Fair play I suppose, although not everyone has the option of taking a day out of their lives to save £40/spend it in a more enjoyable way.

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