Man Throws Rock At Passing Car, Instantly Regrets It (VIDEO)

What was he thinking?!

This clip has been doing the rounds today with no context aside from being filmed in Chicago and featuring some nut job standing on the pavement and throwing rocks at passing cars.

Unfortunately for the rock-thrower, he didn’t count on the driver of one car he hit being even crazier than he is, but he soon found out:

Yikes! Never mess with a person’s car is the lesson here I think. You can probably expect some kind of violent retaliation at least half of the time you lob a rock at someone’s car as they’re driving by minding their own business. What’s funny is how the rock-thrower just walks it off like this is something that happens to him every time he goes rock-throwing in traffic on a Tuesday. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug I guess.

Opinion is split online as to who is more in the wrong:

I guess rocks and cars can both really hurt you. Probably best not to be the instigator regardless of your weapon of choice.

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