Man Throws Full Tank Of Propane Into Lava Pit To ‘See What Happens’

Propane Tank Lava


Although this probably isn’t as stupid as full on walking into a volcanic pit like this guy, it’s still pretty up there on the list of things that aren’t a good idea at all.

However, it’s nowhere near as dumb as you might think and the results are actually pretty disappointing as there aren’t any loud explosions or huge lava flows or anything – the propane tank just kinda sits on top of it and bubbles slightly to the top and burns in bursts rather than just lighting the whole place up like a motherfucker. This is because propane needs oxygen to burn and there’s simply none available in a lava pit.

Dry, but hey at least you know that it’s relatively easy to leave a propane tank near a lava pit now. If you’re disappointed by this video and want to see a badass explosion then you need to check out some of the biggest explosions ever.


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