Man Takes Unthinkable Revenge On His Friend After He Steals His Weed (NSFL)

Unreal reaction.

I don’t want to say what happens in this video because it took me by surprise when I saw it on Worldstar earlier, but rest assured it is immensely screwed up.

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It sounds like one guy has stolen his friend’s weed and so he’s crashed his car into his to try and get his weed back. Already an amazingly stupid situation – but it only gets worse from there:

(Be warned – it’s pretty awful)

Ouch indeed. To be fair he did say “I dare you bruh” as the assailant was thinking about it, but I think we can all agree that’s still no excuse to sandwich your pal between two cars and shatter his leg into a million pieces. All over some weed? You’d think this lot were crack junkies or something.

Shout out to the other guy shit-stirring as well – ““He got your weed you better get that shit back cuz”. Hope he’s happy with the result.

To watch a group of chav girls go at it with shop owners after they were caught stealing, click HERE. Complete pandemonium.


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