WATCH: Man Filmed Attacking Uber Driver Suing His Victim For £3.5 Million

How does this make any sense?

Remember this story from a few months back?

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It turns out the company executive who was sacked after the footage leaked online is now suing his victim (the Uber driver) for £3.5million.

32-year-old Benjamin Golden was charged after he was caught clearly assaulting the driver on camera, but is now saying the fact the video went viral was an invasion of his privacy.

Perhaps he’s overlooking the fact that everyone had forgotten all about it until he brought it up again. Let’s remind ourselves shall we?

(It gets physical at around the 3:10 mark)

The driver, Edward Caban, had actually filed for $25,000 damages for distress caused by Benjamin Golden. Golden sees it different however — he says the fact he was pepper sprayed means he was the one who was assaulted, plus he can’t get a job anymore and the fact the video went viral has caused him humiliation, emotional distress and anxiety.

Mr Golden says:

It was not me in the video. It was hard to watch and I’m ashamed.

Meanwhile, Edward Caban has yet to work for Uber since the incident and declined to meet Mr Golden. Come on Ed, don’t be scared of him! You already pepper sprayed his eye balls out of his face once before, he won’t try fight you again – I guarantee it.

P.S. Be nice to Uber drivers, they go through a lot of shit.


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