Legend Stands Under Dodgy Supermarket Sign Hoping For An Injury Lawsuit

Walmart Sign

A true hero.

We all know that America is obsessed with suing people and earning the most amount of money possible for the least amount of effort, but this next story is taking it a bit too far.

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The story concerns a guy from Texas named Manuel Garcia who is determined to sue retail and grocery store giant Walmart for all that it’s worth. In order to do this, he stood under a dangling P in the pharmacy sign outside in the hopes that it would fall off and hit him on the head, so he could sue Walmart for personal injury.

It’s an ingenious plan, but I suppose only if you’ve got the time to stand around underneath a sign waiting for it to fall off. Looking at Garcia, it doesn’t look like he does much though so it’s probably the perfect way for him to kill some time. And if it pays off then it would have all been worth it.

As it is though, it doesn’t look like the sign has fallen down yet and Manuel is just standing there day after day, hopefully looking for it to fall:

Keep trying dude. If you go for something with all your heart and strength, then it’s going to work out and you’re definitely doing that my man. Stay strong.

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