This Man Snorted 4.5 Grams Of Cocaine And Then Stabbed Someone To Death Whilst Half Naked

Nichoals Foy

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

It’s fair to say that you probably know at least one person that likes their cocaine, but even if they’re an absolute fiend I doubt that they’ve ever gone as crazy as the man in this article.

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39 year old Nicholas Foy got so messed up on cocaine that he ran through the city streets of Eltham in South East London in a pink pair of pants and then fatally stabbed 49 year old Laurent Volpe in the stomach with a kitchen knife. They say that cocaine is a hell of a drug but that really is something else – in fairness the guy had done 4.5 grams of the stuff and been on a 24 hour drink and drugs bender, but even that level of excess doesn’t justifiy behaviour like this.

Foy has a history of depression, alcohol abuse and cocaine dependency, and crucially decided to stop taking his medication in the run up to these events. He did this knowing that it was likely to lead him into a psychotic episode and for that reason, Judge Sarah Munro sentenced him to life in prison with a minimum term of 17 years.

Prosecutor Susanne Alavi said the following at his sentencing:

Laurent Volpe was on his way to see his family and happened to walk past Foy who indiscriminately selected him as his victim.

During his trial, Foy blamed his behaviour on the sheer amount of drink and drugs he had consumed.

However, he conceded that when he combined these substances he could not control his violent and aggressive temper.

Yet he chose to take this dangerous cocktail before stabbing Mr Volpe to death. This was a callous and, in the event, unsuccessful way of seeking to absolve himself of responsibility.

I would like to thank the many witnesses, including Mr Volpe’s family, who came forward and gave evidence in court.

I hope this sentence provides some comfort for them and Mr Volpe’s friends.

Our thoughts are with them.

I mean you can’t blame drink and drugs on killing people, especially if you knew that going on a 24 hour bender was going to make you paranoid and violent. I think Foy got what he deserved really – our thoughts go out to Volpe’s family and friends too. He was a respected scientist and triathlete over in France and leaves behind a wife and two children. RIP.

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