Criminal Sings Adele-Inspired Apology To Judge At Sentencing Hearing

Well, that’s awkward.

21-year-old Brian Taylor sang a heartfelt song he wrote to the judge, his mum and his victim during his sentencing at Washtenaw Country Trial Court this week for unlawful imprisonment and carrying a concealed weapon.

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It’s pretty awkward to say the least.

Watch below:

Maxwell eat your heart out. I mean is that a decent singing voice or am I just terrible at judging good singing voices? Might even have a music career going on if he didn’t spend all his time carrying concealed weapons. Then again, we all saw what happened to hot mug shot guy who was also imprisoned for possession of a firearm — he left prison and was instantly signed by a modelling agency. Who’s to say Simon Cowell isn’t keeping tabs on Brian’s situation here? You never know these days.

P.S. How rude that no one clapped at the end of his performance.


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