This Man Will Show His Dick In Court To Prove It Was Big Enough For His Girlfriend To Choke To Death



A man has requested a judge allow him to pull out his penis in court and prove to the jury that it’s big enough to have choked his girlfriend to death during oral sex.

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Florida man Richard Henry Patterson’s legal team say the size of his manhood is the key to the defence’s case, after he was accused of murdering his girlfriend in her bedroom in October 2015.

Richard claims however that 60-year-old Francisca Marquinez’s death was an accident that occurred while she was performing oral sex on him and choked to death on his massive member.

Richard’s lawyer wrote in his motion to the court:

Dr. Ronald Wright, an expert witness and former Broward County medical examiner, will testify that … her death is consistent with being accidentally sexually asphyxiated during oral sex.

It is material and relevant. The view by the jury is essential for them to fully understand Dr. Wright’s testimony and the defence in this case.

No hearing date has so far been set for the motion relating to his manhood.


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Obviously this is a horrific story as it involves a tragic and unusual death but at the same time, it’s pretty amusing that this guy needs to whip out his dick in court to prove his version of events. Imagine a judge and jury agreeing that your dick is so big it could literally kill someone; that’s got to be a serious ego boost right there.

I mean look at this guy’s face, he seems pretty damn smug about the fact he’s got a killer penis already:


Respect to any person who takes on a penis that size, especially one who (allegedly) choked to death for the sake of giving Richard a BJ. Still, something tells me he isn’t being 100% truthful with what happened that night, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this case pans out.

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