Man Dumps Girlfriend Down 10ft Manhole, Leaves Her Trapped Inside for 60 Hours (VIDEO)

Footage of a man in China throwing his girlfriend down a 10ft manhole – full story behind the madness here.

Does your partner drive you insane sometimes? Probably — but you’d likely find some way of resolving your problem instead of grabbing them by the hair and throwing them down a 10ft manhole.

The woman, known only as Guo, was trapped underground in Haiku City, China for nearly 3 days before people heard her cries for help and rescued her. She was found in her underwear and completely knackered after fighting to keep her head over water for 60 hours.

Here’s the footage:

So what did she do that was so terrible to warrant dashing her down a manhole? Nothing. In fact her boyfriend owed her 100,000 yuen (£10,000) and when she asked him about it he flipped and tried to kill her. Grade A lunatic behaviour.

For the agoraphobic woman who left her house for the third time in 10 years, only to fall down a manhole and break her leg, click HERE. Talk about a setback.


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