A Video Of A Man Having Sex With A McChicken Sandwich Has Gone Viral (NSFL)

This will put you off McChickens for life.

‘McChicken’ was trending big time on Twitter last night, and everyone assumed it must be some kind of promotional thing for McDonald’s.

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It turned out to be something much darker than that – a video of a guy shagging a McChicken sandwich.

We obviously can’t post the footage, but here’s the general reaction:

I watched it as is my journalistic duty and, well, it’s as grim as it sounds. I guess it’s the 2016 version of ‘2 girls, 1 cup’ unless some other freak out there wants to trump it.

What’s really disturbing though is this guy’s choice of burger. The McChicken might seem a good, cheap option but everyone knows the Big Mac would be a way better shag. Come on mate, have some standards.

P.S. Even without this story, there’s a good reason why you shouldn’t be eating McChickens.


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