Man Screws Up Proposal On Boat And Ends Up Falling In The Water As Boat Speeds Off


Proposing to a loved one is one of the biggest moments of your life so it makes sense that you would want to do something memorable for it, but I doubt the two people involved in the video below had this kind of memory in mind.

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The guy in the video decided to propose to his girlfriend on a boat but completely and utterly screwed it up somehow as the boat ends up speeding off and he ends up falling into the water. Not really sure how it all happened but just check out the video below and see it for yourself.

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Lol. That’s so embarrassing, especially the way he just kinda slowly falls into the water – I definitely think he could have managed to save himself if he had been a bit more nimble on his feet. Kinda ridiculous that the woman just sped off in the boat because she was so excited about being proposed, but it makes a great video doesn’t it?

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