Dude Livestreaming His Walk Across Pedestrian Bridge Saves A Woman From Jumping

That was close.

A young man by the name of Ray’Veontae Harris over in Omaha, Nebraska was out livestreaming his walk across a pedestrian bridge when he happened to come across a woman who appeared to be suicidal.

The 20-year-old did what so many others around appeared not to do – he went over to see if she was OK:

Big up Ray’Veontae (wild name btw) for saving this woman’s life. It’s crazy to think about how many people just walked by ignoring her before Ray’Veontae walked over to her, noticed she was crying, and helped her out until (I guess) emergency services arrived.

He might be going around telling all the news channels that he’s not a hero, but I reckon he is. If it wasn’t for his kind gesture that woman would most likely be dead right now. You might only get one moment like that in your lifetime – a chance to act/speak up and do something amazing – and Ray’Veontae absolutely nailed it. Faith in humanity restored.

116 123 is the number for the Samaritans in the UK and it’s 1-800-273-8255 over in the US.

To read about how the Mapo Bridge in South Korea stops people from committing suicide, click HERE.


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