This Old Dude Going Ballistic On A Cyclist Is A Complete Arsehole (VIDEO)

Is this America’s answer to Ronnie Pickering?

I’m not sure we’ve ever seen anyone more furious in the midst of a road rage incident – Ronnie Pickering included.

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The angry motorist’s rant is going viral after he threatened to “pull a Trump” on the cyclist (whatever that means) and attacked him with an avalanche of verbal abuse, including some classic playground-style bullying, a touch of homophobia, and some obscure references to old school American films:

It’s funny how anyone can come off looking like the bigger arsehole in an argument with a cyclist, especially one filming you with the clear intent to upload onto YouTube later, but somehow this old dude managed it. It’s like he’d been saving those insults up for years just waiting for the right person to unleash them on. Glad he got it all off his chest anyway.

Meanwhile, these two motorists over in Hertfordshire are having the most polite road rage incident in history.


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