A Man Was Ripped From His Bike By Barbed Wire Trap Targeting Lockdown Cyclists



I’ve never really understood why some people out there really really hate cyclists and it seems that I never will, because I can’t comprehend why someone would hate someone so much that they set up a barbed wire trap designed to rip them from their bikes when they’re least suspecting it.

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This is exactly what has happened down in the Taff’s Well Quarry in South Wales, where 47 year old Neil Nunnerley rode head first into it whilst he was whizzing around the tracks. He was left with blood dripping from his face and chest after crashing into it at 15 miles per hour.

Here’s what he had to say about the quite frankly horrific attack:

The trap was set across the track with woven branches within it that were fixed horizontally.

It wasn’t until I saw the branch I realised it was a trap.

One of the branches struck me and got lodged in my mouth whilst the wire caught my chest and the lower of my neck.

I was pulled from my bike and fell backwards striking my head on the floor.

Thankfully, my helmet saved me.

I was more than hesitant to go to the hospital in fear of the virus and the current situation we find ourselves in.

My wife called the out-of-hours surgery who forwarded her to the hospital.

The hospital assured us that A&E is a safe zone and that I should attend.

My injuries include bruising to my chest and neck and a swollen mouth with three stitches.

Although my injuries are minor this could have been a lot worse.

There are many footpaths in this area and the bikers tend not to ride in those areas, there have been reports of motorbikes riding in the woods but again they tend to ride away from the bikers and walkers.

Due to what is happening in the world today, more and more people are out walking for exercise than ever before.

Dare I say it, but these people may have not frequented this area prior to lockdown and are now shouting at the people who use this area for biking.

Frustrations are high at the moment and people just need to get along, we all need to release our energy and get the exercise where and when we can.

Yet again, another completely unpredictable strand of this lockdown as mad pedestrians turn psycho on cyclists and set up Mad Max/Saw style traps in the forest to discourage them riding/kill them. Definitely didn’t see that coming, but it’s a brave new world here in 2020. Hope you survive the experience.

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