Mental Volvo Driver Decimates Cyclist Off His Bike For ‘Hogging The Road’ (VIDEO)

No one hates cyclists more than this guy.

We’ve all had that fleeting thought when you’re driving by a cyclist and imagine what it would be like to GTA them into oblivion, but you wouldn’t actually do that unless you were an absolute nut-job, right?

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One such nut-job was caught on a cyclist’s helmet cam doing just that in Tennessee the other day.

The uploader explains:

Three hours ago this person intentionally hit my friend Tyler Noe on Natchez Trace. We had a witness behind us who said he has seen this same Volvo try to hit someone else last week. Tyler is at the hospital and doing ok. He is one tough dude!

From the uploader’s description, it sounds like this guy routinely hits the roads looking for cyclists to run over, which is obviously not great news for anyone who rides bikes in the area. I mean we all hate it when cyclists hog the road, but it’s just one of those things you’ve got to deal with without resorting to homicidal rampages.

For the awesome video in which a cyclist finds himself riding through an illegal rave in the woods, click HERE.


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