Man Describes Fleeing AirBnB Home In Terror After Discovering Creepy ‘Satanic’ Items Around Property

Creepy AF.

A New York author named Frederick Thomas has detailed a short-lived rental experience he had with AirBnb, paying $1,150 for two nights at a two-bedroom home for himself, his fiancée, his 21-year-old cousin and his 8-year-old brother.

The owner had listed the Spring Glen, N.Y. rental as a two-bedroom getaway with a “Scandinavian vibe”, but the family found it to be a little more on the “satanic” side once they got there. I’ll let Frederick explain:

At first I was a little dubious about how “satanic” this house really was, especially when the first bit of evidence Frederick shared was a photo of a dog shagging a blonde woman. But seeing the rest of those pictures I have to now agree with him – this house is creepy AF. At the very least we can agree it’s not the sort of place you want to be heading to for a weekend getaway with your fiancee and 8-year-old brother, that’s for sure.

To make matters even worse for Frederick, the Church of Satan got wind of his thread and came through to take some shots at him:

Yikes! The last group of people you want on your case is the Church of Satan. Did renting this Airbnb and then complaining about it on Twitter put a curse on Frederick? And there he was thinking a weird toy of a dog banging a woman was his biggest problem.

If we’re being serious though, this isn’t a great look for Airbnb. If you look at the photos for the listing that Fred shared compared to what he actually ended up with, it’s a clear case of false advertising and so the man is 100% entitled to a refund.

The rundown shacks, the lack of phone service, the witchcraft vibe and the satanic items. There’s no doubt about it – if Fred and his family would have stayed overnight at this place they would have been murdered in their sleep. Not to mention the mysterious bridge from the woods behind the house connecting to the back patio. In a word – NOPE.

I’m sure there’ll be some people out there calling Fred (and me) a pussy but either way, it’s clear Airbnb is in the wrong here. Everyone knows they like to be dicks when it comes to refunds but at the end of the day, if you want to rent out your satanic little house with animal skulls and baphomets and ritualistic markings and what have you – you’ve got to let people know that’s what they’ll be getting. Come on Airbnb – sort it out.

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