Man Refuses To Leave Burning Down Sex Shop So He Could Watch The End Of His Porno

German Guy Refuses To Leave Sex Shop When It's Burning Down

The porno was called Throbbin Hood.

A German man was so into his porno that he refused to leave the sex shop he was in until it had finished, even though it was burning down around him. He eventually had to actually be rescued by firefighters from inside.

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The incident took place in a sex shop called SexyAngel in Hamburg’s Reeperbahn district (of course it took place in the Reeperbahn) in the so called ‘square mile of sin’. The unnamed man was locked in a video cabin watching a movie called Throbbin Hood and didn’t want to leave despite smoke and flames edging closer causing him discomfort.

When police burst in, they found the man in what they described as ‘an extreme state of sexual arousal’. No guessing what that means. Fire service spokesman Martin Schneider explained what happened next:


He only came out after our people were battering against the locked cabin door.

Once it was open they grabbed him and dragged him to safety.

He was screaming: ‘I have paid 7.50 euros for this and I haven’t finished yet!

He needed treatment at hospital for smoke inhalation.

Geez it sounds like he really wanted to finish. I mean I can relate because sometimes it’s really frustrating when you can’t – especially if you’ve paid 7.50 euros for the privilege – but I think I would probably rather not get burned alive eh?

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