A Man Who Recorded His Fart Ended Up Capturing What People Are Calling The Most Beautiful Fart Of All Time

The most magnificent fart you will ever hear.

Fart composer/Redditor lozzobear accidentally recorded the most beautiful fart in history this week while trying to make his brother laugh, and now the sound is going viral. He explains it as so:

My brother moved away from town, and I was missing him. So I started texting him farts to let him know I love him. This would have been in the first dozen or so, but the second it came out I knew it was special.

I’m no fart aficionado, but I guess you could call that a relatively pleasant sounding fart. Definitely something Mozart would have been proud of. Somehow I don’t think this guy will be performing live concerts though, much as we’d like to see him try.

Perhaps he should also try trapping it in a jar and actually physically sending his fart over next time – there’s people who’ll do that for you these days.


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