This Guy’s Face When His Girlfriend Proposed To Him On ‘Loose Women’ Was Absolutely Classic (VIDEO)


Anyone with half a brain knows that if you are going to propose to someone on live TV, you better be damn sure they’re going to give you an emphatic ‘yes’ or else you’ll have your cringey moment going viral for the world to see in no time.

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Fortunately for the lovely Cheryl, her partner Lee said ‘yes’, but you have to say, the guy looks utterly perplexed and uncomfortable with the whole thing.

Watch below:

‘Yes, I suppose’ – lol, who said romance is dead?

Here was the general reaction on Twitter:

Well I guess that could have gone much, much worse so fair play to Cheryl for having the balls to pull that off on live television. Seems like it all went to plan, though she might have a slightly different outlook on things when she sees Lee’s face on ITV Catchup later.

Or maybe Lee was just pissed because he had planned his own proposal – doubt it would’ve topped the guy who proposed using the side of an actual cow.


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