Watch A Man Get A Rat Pulled Out Of His Belly Button At A Bizarre Exorcism

Rat Pulled Out Of Man's Belly Button

What the hell?

I’ve got no idea where this video comes from but it’s being guessed that it’s somewhere in South America as they’re speaking Portuguese in it. Probably Brazil.

Apparently it’s an exorcism where some woman rants away whilst dousing a guy with some kind of liquid before proceeding to pull what looks like a rat out of his belly button. It’s not quite as grim as this makes it out to sound, because the rat isn’t alive but it’s still completely freaky as it looks like it’s all cut up and has just been chilling in the guy’s belly button somehow for however long.

Of course, everyone is questioning whether or not it’s real and it could be possible that the guy has it rolled up in his hand and unravels it like a magician so it looks like it’s coming out of the guy’s belly button, but it looks like it’s actually in there to me. Completely messed up.

Not sure if it’s as freaky as this exorcism though, which was pretty much the biggest WTF of 2014.


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