Worst Human Alive Goes Nuts At Barista Over ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sign In Shop Window

A wild male Karen appears.

We’ve already been through why All Lives Matter is a stupid thing to say in response to Black Lives Matter. Well the skinny fat guy in this video not only has a problem with the term Black Lives Matter, he also has a problem with wearing a face mask during a global pandemic as per this coffee shop’s rules, and so I guess in the end No Lives Matter if it means he’s even slightly inconvenienced?

What a grade A tosser:

Full 10 minute video here:

Lol. Don’t think I’ll ever get used to people holding smartphones and arguing. It’s just so bizarrely hilarious. Everyone in this video is furious but can’t really show it because they’re filming while also being filmed and don’t want to end up looking like the crazy person when these clips inevitably go viral. Well except for the male Karen who everyone can tell is bat shit crazy straight away.

Hell of a pot belly he has going on there too. Looks about 6 months pregnant which I guess is a real possibility these days come to think of it. Let’s just hope the pandemic is over before he has to give birth.

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