Man Discovers His New Housemate Is Making A Creepy Pillow Out Of Human Hair



We’ve all experienced that one housemate at some point in our lives, whether it be at uni, while travelling or renting a room in a flat share. The one who leaves passive aggressive notes on the fridge or has a disruptive significant other.

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But perhaps no one could’ve predicted what this guy faced when he dared to open the bathroom bin.

Ben James, 34, was taken aback when he discovered a mound of salt and pepper hair in a bin at his flat in London, describing it as “something out of a horror film”. He told The Metro:

It was quite disturbing. When I picked up the bin it was as heavy as a bag of sugar.

Hair itself is quite light so for it to weigh that much really is quite remarkable.

Instead of turning the other way and getting the fuck out of the house, Ben bravely decided to question his roomie – a man in his 60s – what the pile of locks was for.

The answer? To make a pillow out of human hair, obvo.

This is obviously a project he’s had in the works for some time.

When he got home I asked what it was all for and he just calmly said ‘I’m planning to make a pillow’.

Whether that’s going to be for his own room or for the living room I’m not quite sure.

I didn’t want to probe him too much to save embarrassment but it really is quite creepy.

I haven’t seen anything quite like that before. It’s just like something out of a horror film.

Ben added that he wasn’t 100% on the house when he went to view it, but he was in desperate need of somewhere to live.

I did notice my socks stick to the floor and the flat does give off the vibe it hasn’t been cleaned in 15 years.

But I would never have imagined finding something like this.

I don’t think anyone could have. Honestly, he should get out while he still can. There’s cheerful British eccentricity and then there’s downright sociopathic behaviour. Making a human hair pillow definitely falls into the latter camp.

Same goes for the girl who went on a rampage with a flamethrower when her flatmates weren’t paying enough attention to her.



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