Man Gets Married To Smartphone In Las Vegas Chapel

Man Marries Phone

Viva Las Vegas baby.

There are countless stories of people getting drunkenly married in Las Vegas and living to regret it, but I think this is the first one I’ve ever head that involves a dude marrying his smartphone.

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Taking a leaf out of Joaquin Phoenix from Her’s book, Aaron Chervenak drove all the way from Los Angeles to the Little Las Vegas Chapel to marry the love of his life. Here’s what chapel owner Michael Kelly had to say about it:

At first it was like what? And then I was like… Alright let’s do it.

We don’t really have many people that marry inanimate objects.

People are so connected to their phones and they live with them all the time. They’re with them 24 hours a day. They go to sleep with their cell phone. They wake up with their cell phone, sometimes it’s the first thing that they check.

That sounds a bit like marriage?

I think he wanted to explore that – can technology become human?

Yeah maybe. Or maybe he’s just a complete weirdo. Here’s a video of the full ceremony:

The marriage isn’t officially recognised by the State Of Nevada, so at least there’s that. Kookier than this guy who just married his town though?


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