Man Leaves Key Under Doormat Hoping It Will Change Robbers’ Lives



A TikToker has been leaving a key under his doormat hoping burglars will find it – as part of his master plan to help them out and potentially change their lives.

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Alex Biron shared a video explaining that the key doesn’t actually fit his door, or any door in his neighbourhood, and he’s hiding it in an attempt to shake potential robbers’ worldviews:

This is a key. It goes under my welcome mat in a very obvious place.

Alex, why would you do that? Isn’t somebody going to break into your house? Well, actually, there are a lot of break-ins in this area. And every six months to a year, I’ll notice that the key is missing, which means people are trying.

But here’s a thing. It’s not the key to my house. It doesn’t unlock anything around here.

The reason I put it down there is that if a robber finds that key, there’s gonna be this moment in between the joy he feels thinking he’s about to get in, to the disappointment realising it doesn’t…

And I hope there’ll be a moment of reflection there, where he’ll think “What am I doing with my life?” And maybe he’ll change.

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He goes on to explain what the key actually unlocks, saying:

If any of you robbers are seeing this TikTok, look at the number on that key.

It unlocks a safe deposit box at the West End Vancity bank in Vancouver, and in that safety box, we’ve got some money, we’ve got a self-help book, and a chance for you to start a new life. Good luck!

Jeez, is this the most Canadian thing you’ve ever heard of or what? I mean I appreciate his sentiment and all but let’s be real here – more than likely the would-be burglar will just get wound up and smash a window or something to get in. The last thing they’re going to do when they realise the key doesn’t work is sit there and have a moment of clarity where they suddenly realise that robbing people’s homes isn’t for them. They’re either burgling you anyway or getting the hell out of there and looking for another home/car to break into.

In any case, the TikTok has like 5 million views and 20k+ comments, so it’s definitely resonated with some people. I just wish the guy shared his address out so I could go grab the key for myself and hit up that safety deposit box he’s talking about. Or is that part of some kind of entrapment plot he’s got going on? Maybe someone will find out soon enough.

To watch a burglar steal a package off someone’s porch and face instant karma when the homeowner catches him, click HERE. No such danger at Alex’s place!



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