Man Kills Seagull After It Stole One Of His Chips

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Seagulls are a damn nuisance – everyone knows that – but I don’t think I would ever be so angry with one doing something that I would actually kill it. That’s not so cool.

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One man did get pushed over the edge by a seagull though after it stole one of his chips and he ended up murdering it. 40 year old Witness Rachel Beer described what went down a couple of days ago in Western Super Mare:

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I saw a seagull squawking and then taking a chip from a man’s plate.

Suddenly he then grabbed it by its feet and swung it against the wall.

I heard one of the mums say ‘Why did you do that in front of my child?’ and he said “It’s vermin, you should teach your children about vermin’.

I was like, ‘Oh my god, that man has just tried to kill a seagull’. I walked up to the gull and took a photo of it and then him.

I said ‘Why did you do that?’ and he just shrugged his shoulders and walked away.

The seagull wasn’t dead at first. We could see its eyes twitching. Thankfully a passerby came and took it to the vet.

Seagulls are a problem but to kill a seagull like that is just wrong.

I mean yeah it’s hard to argue with that analysis of the situation really. I have gotta say that I’m kinda impressed that the guy had the reflexes to catch the seagull by the legs though. I would have thought it would have got away easily. His actions though are obviously completely uncool.

The police have been informed and are apparently looking for they guy to arrest him – seagulls are legally protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, meaning it’s an offence to attack or kill them – so I’m not sure why the picture of his face has been blurred out. Shrugs. The way this story is going viral though I’m sure it won’t be too long until they find him and bring him to justice.

For more seagulls, check out this story about a bunch of them getting high on coke and keeping a street awake for three days. Assholes.


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