The Man Who Killed The Seagull Who Stole His Chips Has Been Sentenced

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Remember a while ago when we featured the story of the seaside visitor who killed a smashed a seagull to death after it stole his chips?

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Well the fat bastard has had his day to caught and after being found guilty after witness statements from two people who saw his brutal attack – he plead not guilty – 64 year old John Llewelyn Jones has been sentenced to a 12 week curfew, meaning that he has to stay in his house between the hours of 8pm and 8am during this time period. He was also ordered to pay £750 in costs and a £80 victim surcharge.

Not really sure what a dead seagull would do with £80 – or an alive one for that matter – but I suppose it’s the thought that count and the idea that punishments like this might go some way to stopping dickheads like Llewelyn Jones going around smashing bird’s brains out for no real reason. I can back that.

Simon Evans from the RSPCA said the following:

This was an unthinkable and despicable way to treat an animal with this gull smashed against a wall by the man solely because it knocked chips from his hand.

This was deliberate cruelty borne from the fact that this man cared more for his chips than what his actions did to the poor gull. Simply, the man showed blatant disregard for an animal because he was annoyed about his chips.

Witnesses saw the attack and shocked by-standers, including children, had to look on as the man killed the gull.

Again, backed. Imagine how traumatic it would be if you were a little kid to see some fat old man literally smash a bird’s brains out in front of you on your first trip to the seaside? Would probably ruin your whole life. This horrible man really should have got some jail time or something. RIP seagull.

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