Seagull Fights To The Death With Woman Over Gregg’s Chicken Bake

Laura Gibson

Battle of the bake.

We all know that there’s nothing better than getting a fresh bake or sausage roll from Gregg’s bakery. It’s the secret mid-morning snack we all allow ourselves as a Friday treat.

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So imagine the anger and disappointment you’d feel if some greedy fucking seagull came and stole this momentary pleasure from you. You’re going to be pissed, right? Well, unfortunately for 23-year-old Laura Gibson from Dundee, this nightmare situation became a reality recently when a seagull attacked her on the street before making off with her chicken bake.

According to Laura, she was looking forward to eating the chicken bake, which she’d bought from Gregg’s on her lunch break. However, when she headed back to work, the bird “dive-bombed” towards her and knocked her backwards. After standing back up, ready to fight back, the greedy bird had already made haste with her food. 

Chicken bake

I had just moved into a new office in the city centre. I’d really been looking forward to a chicken bake, so I went to get myself one.

As I was walking out the Overgate this gull dive-bombed me and hit me with its neck and feet, knocking me back.

It managed to take the bake out of its wrapper then flew off with it. It would have been quite impressive in a way — if it hadn’t been so scary.

I was so embarrassed. People were laughing at me because I fell back and because the gull stole my food.

But there are a lot of gulls out there and they are quite dangerous. What if that had been a child with the food?

Damn straight Laura, that is a genuine concern I’m sure most of us have had. We’ve all seen Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ right?

I’m starting to wonder if the gull that attacked Laura is the same as this guy – after all, they’re both Scottish seagulls and they both have a penchant for Gregg’s. Very suspicious.


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