Drunk Fan Jumps Into Midget Wrestling Match And Gets Absolutely Battered

It was a short fight.

Historically, interrupting a pro wrestling match by drunkenly running into the ring from the crowd has never ended well for any fan. I guess this guy thought it would play out different if the wrestlers were midgets? Well, he was dead wrong on that one. Little man pounced on him like a cheetah! Then the midget wrestlers double teamed for a while and lobbed him out of the ring, where they continued dishing out punishment.

Might he have fared better if he went in over or through the top rope, rather than roll into the ring where he put himself at an instant height disadvantage? I think it would have likely resulted in a punch to the nuts, to be fair. He was screwed either way. Do not mess with pro wrestlers – little or large. Lesson learnt.

Never forget – the time a journalist made the mistake of asking David Schultz if wrestling is fake:

For the time Howard Stern roasted Triple H to his face for dating Chyna back in 2002, click HERE. Bit harsh.


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