Watch This Wannabe Pro Wrestler Front Flip Off A Ladder Onto A Barbed Wire Trampoline

Mick Foley would be proud.

A group of backyard wrestlers may have stumbled upon the next great viral challenge now that the #milkcrate videos are drying up, and it involves diving off a ladder onto a trampoline made of barbed wire.

I’d say people will do anything to go viral these days, but from the sounds of it this is literally something this crew does in their spare time even with no cameras around:

Ouch – Mick Foley would be proud. Good thing his buddy was stabilising the ladder there for safety. Wouldn’t want him slipping off and falling onto grass when the barbed wire trampoline is right there to break his fall.

The funniest part is the guy tangled up in the barbed wire saying “this is what happened last time!”. Um, did you expect anything different to happen the second time around? The guy with long hillbilly hair gets it tangled in barbed wire and is stunned it happened again. Who ever could have imagined?

Good shout from the other guy advising “we gotta get you out of there carefully”. Very astute. Looks like #milkcratechallenge people will have to up their game after this one.

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