Man Jailed After Ejaculating Into His Colleague’s Water Bottle On Multiple Occasions



A California man has been arrested after ejaculating into a colleague’s water bottle on multiple occasions and applying his semen onto her workspace after she rejected his advances.

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Steven Millancastro, 30, was convicted this week on assault and battery charges stemming from his attempts to get revenge against the woman for turning him down.

The NY Post reports that Millancastro was ‘obsessed’ with his co-worker, having asked her out on a date and then incessantly staring at her after she turned him down.

The woman asked her boss to tell him to cut it out, but when that didn’t stop him, she filed a complaint with the HR department, prosecutors said.

Then on several occasions, the woman came to work to find a murky substance in her half-full water bottle.

Her boss agreed to set up a surveillance camera to monitor her desk, then reviewed the footage when she came into the office on another morning and discovered a “milky white substance” on her keyboard.

Sure enough, when the footage was reviewed it showed Millancastro waiting until the woman left, then smearing something using tissues on her keyboard and mouse. Gross.

Police also found Millancastro’s semen in her water bottle and a bottle of honey she put in her tea every day. Yikes!

Here’s a picture of Millancastro working his side gig as a DJ:

DJ Jizzy Jeff?

Millancastro’s lawyer, Michael Morrison, acknowledged that his client’s behavior was “highly inappropriate,” but claims he was retaliating against the woman over the HR complaint and was afraid of losing his job or a promotion. NOT out of sexual gratification.

What a mental case. I mean if someone is prepared to jizz in other people’s water bottles and smear their cum all over someone else’s keyboard, then what else are they capable of? This is some death penalty/electric chair shit if you ask me.

And how about Millancastro’s lawyer’s defense? Cumming inside your co-worker’s water bottle because she doesn’t fancy you isn’t just “highly inappropriate”, it’s absolutely monstrous. Highly inappropriate would be commenting on her boobs or sending a dirty email around the office or something. Not jizzing all over the place, dumping it into water bottles and pots of honey, and smearing it all over keyboards and workspaces.

What a sick fuck. And then to say he was retaliating because she made a complaint about him being super creepy and staring at her non-stop and was worried about losing his job? Hardly going to ensure your job security by spreading your semen around the office like a deranged lunatic.

Now for the moment of truth – did the poor victim drink from the water bottle or eat from the pot of honey after Millancastro jizzed in them? No… and yes:

Between Nov. 24, 2016, and Jan. 13, 2017, Jane Doe consumed the contaminated honey approximately every other day without knowing it contained the defendant’s semen.

Oh dear God no! Like I said – lock him up and throw away the key.

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