Risked His Life For It: When Trying To Impress A Woman Goes Wrong

That did not go to plan.

If you’ve ever done something really stupid and suffered dire physical consequences for it, you’ll relate to what happened to this guy at the mall the other day…

Just goes to show you should always know your limitations in life. Don’t over-exert yourself in unfamiliar situations. If you’re a bit of a dope and see a girl sliding down an escalator with her butt cheeks on display and decide you must have her, don’t try to impress her by chilling with your feet up on the escalator and snapping your arm in half. Best to keep your feet on the ground at all times.

For more flirting gone wrong, get a load of what happened when Friends star Matthew Perry tried to chat up a 19-year-old on a dating app. Yikes.


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