Man Hospitalised After Chugging Eggnog In Record Time

Eggnog Chugging

Another reason never to drink eggnog.

A guy called Ryan Roche ended up in hospital after downing a carton of eggnog in 12 seconds after being dared by his boss at the office party. Boy, can those office parties get out of hand.

Some of the liquid made its way into Roche’s lungs, which immediately gave him trouble breathing while he was on his way back to his home in Lehi, Utah. He didn’t think anything of it until later on in the evening when he started shaking uncontrollably and was rushed to hospital.

It turns out that the liquid that went into his lungs caused an almost immediate infection, which gradually turned into pneumonia. Roche had to spend three days in hospital on a course of antibiotics before he was deemed well enough to go home. Asked if he would be drinking eggnog anytime soon his response was swift: ‘No way’.

You can watch his 12 second chug below. Probably not as impressive as this Welsh guy downing a whole bottle of whiskey though.


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