Dude Asks Drunk Student To Say The N-Word Then Hits Him In The Face With A Skateboard (VIDEO)

Deserved or not?

It’s never a great look when a white person says the N-word, but is hitting someone in the head with skateboard and potentially killing them an appropriate response?

According to this guy over in Minneapolis, it’s such an appropriate response that he made sure his buddy got the whole thing on camera and then shared it online. Smart!

“Here let me commit assault and battery against someone. Wait did you get it on camera? Did you? Gotta make sure we upload the evidence!”

The psycho with the skateboard has already been doxxed by 4chan, reported to his school and has deleted all his social media accounts, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already been arrested over the incident. Again saying the N-word is a stupid and highly offensive thing to do but so is cracking someone in the face with a skateboard, let alone filming it and putting it on the internet for clout. The way he was really looking forward to swinging that skateboard and looked so chuffed with himself throughout the whole video was pretty disturbing.

The most amazing part of course is how the kid that said the N-word didn’t even make the slightest attempt to dodge the skateboard being swung at him, even when given multiple warnings that it was coming and seeing it coming from a mile off. I guess that demonstrates how utterly out of it he was. He can take a hit though – will give him that.

To watch two white guys get into a scrap after one of them dropped the N-word in a barber shop, click HERE.


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