Man Goes Swimming With Alligators, Is Shocked When He Gets Bitten On The Shoulder (VIDEO)

What on Earth is this guy thinking?

If there was one way to guarantee being bitten by an alligator, it would probably be sticking on a pair of swimming trucks and going swimming off a dock with a whole bunch of the scary fuckers. In fact it would probably be more shocking if you didn’t get bitten.

Sure enough, this gator over in Florida used this maniac’s pasty white arms to serve itself up a portion of pork shoulder:

I just don’t understand how someone can put themselves in that situation. OK in the end it was only having a nibble (or a kiss maybe?) and it was pretty surprising to see no blood or wound on that guy’s shoulder because it definitely went for him. Not as surprised as he was that the alligator attacked him in the first place though. Is this just what Florida peeps get up to when they’re drunk or what?

Here’s a few more cases where humans become a little too comfortable around alligators:

To watch an 8 foot alligator headbutt a cop and knock him out cold, click HERE.


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