Watch This 8 Foot Alligator Headbutt A Cop And Knock Him Out Cold

Alligator Headbutt


Alligators are goddamn scary but I always thought if they were gonna take me out then it would have been with their teeth or their tail – turns out that they can nail a pretty sweet headbutt as well.

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This can be seen in the video below which comes courtesy of the great state of Florida – where else? In it, a bunch of cops and wildlife trappers are trying to get an alligator onto the back of a truck after it was caught wandering around the neighbourhood so it can be shipped back to Orlando from Oocee. Unfortunately this is a lot easier said than done – even once they’ve got the alligator all tied up – as it can still pack a hell of a wallop with its head and tail.

Check out the video below, whilst also hearing from local resident Walter Day:

The gator flipped back and head-butted the guy.

‘(It) knocked him to the ground. At that point, it was (kind of) free and whacked police officers with its tail.

Before that it walked for 20 steps and then it just (kind of) sat down and walked for 20 steps and sat down.

It was (kind of) odd to watch.

It’s kind of weird to see an alligator round these parts as we’re so far away from water.

Not far enough to be safe it seems pal. Apparently alligators travel further when they’re hungry or looking for a mate, so I guess we can safely assume that this was one horny customer looking for a sandwich.

I think he eventually got transported to Orlando and hopefully got fed and laid. Wish it was that easy for me.

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