Man Gives Himself A New Tattoo Every Day During Lockdown – But He’s Running Out Of Skin

That’s one way to pass the time.

London tattoo artist Chris Woodhead has regularly been getting inked since he turned 18, but he’s now taken that to the next level by giving himself a new tattoo every day while the UK remains in lockdown.

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Chris already had about 1,000 tattoos at the start of quarantine, and so 40 days later he’s desperately low on virgin skin. He told the BBC:

Realistically, I’ve probably got a month’s worth of tattoo space left.

If I’m truly honest, I look ridiculous — I look like a piece of blue cheese.

Great self-awareness there. But when you’re a tattoo artist who loves tattoos, it’s actually the most obvious way to pass the time during a lockdown. Not only does it keep the days interesting and give him something to focus on, it’s also a lot better than becoming an alcoholic like everyone else. Plus he already had a ridiculous amount of tattoos so what’s the harm in 40+ more?

Like this tribute to the NHS…

Or this tribute to Joe Exotic:

Or this tribute to the incoming birth of his child (his girlfriend’s pregnant – congrats):

Or this coronavirus tattoo (hopefully the one above is unrelated)

He says he has about a month’s worth of tattoo space left so let’s see how that goes for him. If this was any other person you’d think they were a moron but I think it makes sense for a tattoo-obsessed tattoo aritst to get completely covered in them during quarantine. After all, when else would you have the perfect excuse to do something like this?

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