You Won’t Believe What This Guy’s Girlfriend Did After Being Asked ‘Do Black Lives Matter?’ (VIDEO)

He’s going to cry in the car after this.

If there’s one thing that white people are terrified of in 2021, it’s the idea of being seen as racist or not ‘antiracist’ enough in the eyes of their peers.

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So it’s a pretty amusing idea by YouTuber Joseph Costello to grab his black buddy Trey and take to the streets of Austin, Texas, asking every white girl in sight whether black lives matter, and if so, to prove it by kissing Trey on camera.

I’ll share the full video at the bottom of the post, but the most amazing clip by far is this girl who snogs Trey in front of her boyfriend:

Oh my days, the poor guy. I know he gave her permission and says he doesn’t care but come on, he 100% cares. I mean imagine being cuckolded like that in front of millions of people on YouTube because your girlfriend got white-guilted into snogging a black dude on camera. And you were powerless to stop it because if you did, you would have been accused of being a racist! Absolute next level headfuckery.

It’s just as well Trey pulled away early because it looked like this girl was ready for a longer, more steamy kiss with a stranger right in her boyfriend’s face. Just so weird and disrespectful and bizarre.

Here’s the rest of the video – worth a watch:

To watch a white BLM protestor say the N-word and then explain why it’s OK for him to say it, click HERE. What can you say really? Americans are weird.


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