Man Who Has Never Flown A Plane Furious At Wife For Not Referring To Him As A Pilot

What the hell?

Am I The Asshole is one of the greatest inventions on the internet and the best ones are always the ones where the person comes on absolutely 100% convinced that they’re not the asshole when they quite clearly are.

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This one almost sounds like it’s made up because it’s such a ridiculous story, but the fact that it’s so stupid means that I think someone would struggle to come up with it out of thin air. The story revolves around a guy asking his wife to refer to him as a pilot, despite the fact that he works as a restaurant manager and has never flown a plane even once in his life.

If you think that’s strange, then just wait until you read it all because it gets even weirder:

What the hell? If he wants to be a pilot and to be referred to as one then why doesn’t he just train to become a pilot instead of pretending to be one? The post gives off major incel energy and I can’t actually believe that him and his wife have never fought before or that he even has a wife in the first place?

Can’t wait for Greg to steal her off him so that he’s left alone in his lame little flight simulator for the rest of his life. Moron.

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