Man Forgets Wife At Petrol Station, Only Realises 60 Miles Later


I’m sure a lot of people reading this have wished that they could ‘forget’ someone at a petrol station on a really annoying road trip, but I think this dude called Walter from Argentina is the only man I’ve ever heard of to actually go through with it.

To be fair to the guy, it’s more like a misunderstanding rather than a deliberate ploy, as his wife Claudia had been asleep in the back as they were returning from Brazil after a vacation. When they stopped for petrol, Walter didn’t realise she had woken up and gone to buy cookies so he just drove off without her. Smooth.

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Claudia didn’t have a good signal on her phone either because she was in another country and so couldn’t get through to him to tell him to come back. She eventually ended up going to a local police station and calling him from there, but by then he had managed to travel 60 miles from the petrol station along with their 14 year old son who was also in the car and didn’t notice his mother’s absence. Oops.

I dread to think how the rest of the journey back to Argentina went for them once Claudia got back in the car. When he arrived back she kicked it repeatedly to show her anger, so you can bet Walter got an earful on that long drive back. Feel for the guy.

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