Watch This Man Have A Fight With A Monkey That’s Tampering With His Motorbike

Man V Monkey

If somebody was tampering with my motorbike, I’d kick off. I probably wouldn’t bother if it was a monkey though – but I’m not this guy.

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These two guys were wanting to get on this motorbike, but were stopped by a monkey that was fucking about with it.

The guys (I assume, I can’t speak their language) try to coax the monkey off the bike, as it starts pissing on the seat. One of the guys then tries to get rid of it by throwing something at it, and ends up scrapping with it as the monkey attacks him. The pair end up rolling down the roadside hill, and the fight ends when the monkey lands up in the nearby river.

It’s part hilarious, part a tad cruel. But in his defence, he’s got to defend himself. He probably won’t fuck with a monkey again.

The monkey could have done a bit more to avoid the kick off. Pretty certain one growl like this, and the guys would have been running away.


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