Absolute Savage Farts In Girl’s Karaoke Booth And Holds The Door Shut (VIDEO)

fart booth

The ultimate dutch oven assault.

A dutch oven, though savage enough, was taken to extremes by the guy in this video.

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In what is one of the most brutal fart-attacks we’ve seen for a while here on Sick Chirpse, an unnamed man unleashes a repugnant crap call upon a woman in a karaoke booth, only to then hold the door shut so she has no choice but to breathe in his poop particles.

As she covers her nose and fights to get out, when the butt-attacker feels she’s suffered enough, he eventually lets go and runs off.

Unfortunately we know little about the context of this video, although I’m guessing she’s either related to the dude or did something that deserved payback.

Either that or he is some sort of sick sociopath who derives sexual pleasure from trapping girls in his fart gas. Come to think of it, he did have a rather sinister look on his face… *shivers*

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