Man Buys 4K Camera, Man Fires Himself Out Of Giant 6ft Exploding Water Balloon

Man Explodes Giant Water Ballon Slow Motion

Everything is so much better in slow motion.

A British YouTube collective named The Slo Mo Guys have released what could be their greatest video yet – it features a guy getting inside a giant water balloon and then the balloon getting pumped up so big that it eventually explodes. Of course, true to their name this happens in glorious slow motion and 4K HD and it’s about as incredible as you can imagine.

Yes, the moment where the water balloon pops is truly epic, but I think the dude’s facial expression during the process might be even better and can even rival the faces of Olympic divers. Genius idea.

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Yep, just as we expected – everything is so much better in slow motion. Still not convinced? Check out this video of a guy firing gummy bears out of a high powered cannon at a girl’s butt – that’s entertainment.


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