Check Out This Video Of A Girl Being Shot In The Butt With Gummy Bears At 5000 FPS

Girl Shot In Ass With Gummy Bears

Sometimes it’s best not to question why something exists and just sit back and enjoy it.

I have absolutely no idea why this exists, who came up with it or what it’s all about, but I’m glad that people are using their time and the available technology to create something like it. If I didn’t know better I would say that this was the kind of stunt that Dan Bilzerian was almost certainly behind, but I think it’s actually a promo for a casino somewhere.

Whatever it’s actually promoting though I’m sure it’s going to grab everyone’s attention for obvious reasons, although I’m sure the majority of people aren’t going to care what it’s actually promoting and are just going to sit back and enjoy it. You can’t really blame them either. 10/10 marketing.

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